Orchestra "Do Svidanya" 18th concert

I will take part in the concert of Orchestra “Do Svidanya”.
The Orchestra is very unique, because almost all pieces played by the orchestra is written by Shostakovich.

If you want to come this concert, please contact me. I will prepare invitation ticket.

Orchestra “Do Svidanya” 18th concert
Feb. 20, 2011
open: 13:00
start: 14:00
@Sumida Triphony Large Hall (near Kinshicho station)

D. D. Shosatkovich
The Tale of the Priest and His Servant Balda (suite from the animated film score), Op.36a

Chamber Symphony Op.110a (arr. by Barshai from String Quartet No.8)
“to the victims of fascism and war”

Symphony No. 12, Op. 112 “The Year of 1917″

Conductor: Masato Osada (permanent)

“Balda~” is a BGM of animation film. It seems that this is far from his style. But, this is also one of his nature. I sought the viedo file of this movie, but I found only the following movie.

Chamber Symphony is Barshai-arranged String Quartet No.8.
It is said that “Fascism” in the subtitle “to the victims of fascism and war” means not only the Nazism, but also stalinism.

The main program is Symphony no. 12.
The subtitle of this is “The year of 1917″
This is the year when Russian Revolution occurred and this symphony is program music with the theme of Russian Revolultion and dedicated to the memory of Lenin.
The theme of Symphony no. 11 is “The year of 1905″, and Symphony no. 12 has a nature of continuation of Symphony 11.

Each movement has a title.
1st mov. “Revolutionary Petrograd (Революционный Петроград)”
This movement uses quotations from a revolutionary song as shown in Symphony no. 11.
Some examples of revolutionary song are shown below.

2nd mov. “Razliv (Разлив)”
Razliv is outside Petrograd and was Lenin’s retreat in which Lenin planned Revolution.
Shostakovich was 11 years old in 1917, and he transmuted the image of the Revolution into his music “Funeral March in Memory of the Victims of the Revolution.”
This movement uses quotations from the Funeral March.
3rd mov. “Aurora (Аврора)”
Aurora is a cruiser and a Survivor of Japan-Russia War, and in the October Revolution it fired at the Winter Palace.
Erlier part of this movement has a very queit, and in final phase, Aurora appears.
It can be identified easily, because it is very sensational.
After it, Dawn will come.
Fire of Aurora is about between 6’30” and 7′ in the following movie.

4th mov. “The Dawn of Humanity (Заря человечества)”
This movement represents jubilant Soviet life after the guidance of Lenin.

The pieces of the program is different from the others.
This is very good program, because you can enjoy the many faces of Shostakovich in only one day.

Please come and enjoy!

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