Orchestra “Davai” 9th concert

Orchestra “Davai” 9th Concert

Date: August 2, 2015 Start at 13:00 (Open: 13:00)
@ Sumida Triphony Hall (Kinshicho, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
Stravinsky “Petrushka”(Петрушка),1911 Original Ver.
Prkofiev “Romeo and Juliette” (Ромео и Джульетта) Excerpts from full version
Conductor:Shinji Moriguchi

Russian ballet is especially famous. It is said that “ballet was born in Italy, grew up in France, was adult in Russia” (Masashi Miura “Ballet Introduction”). Ballet was born in Italy of the Renaissance in the 14th century as one of the people dance, transferred to France along with Catherine de Medici, went been refined gradually in the French court culture in the 17th and 18th centuries. In the 18th century Russia yearn to French court culture had been imported. After this we’ve gradually decline in Europe, own and developed in Russia, in the late 19th century, celebrated its golden age. Also this is the era was born three major ballet by famous Tchaikovsky. For example, the Grand Pas de Deux was established in Russia. Russia is still even now, is renowned as ballet powerhouse, will not have many prominent organizations, the star. Also, many still major ones of ballet repertoire that has been staged all over the world are made in Russia. In this concert we will cover two pieces from among such Russian Ballet.

“Petrushka”, following the great success of “Firebird”, is provided for the Ballets Russes. Including the “Rite of Spring” after this, they are called three major ballet of Stravinsky. It is a story of Petrushka who is a puppet of the spectacle hut of street Admiralty Square of Petersburg crowded with carnival. Petrushka It is depicted in the story that Petrushka was infused with life and knew the love, but greeted tragic last moment. Music by Stravinsky, portrays expressively a variety of scene such as square of buzz, dancers of conviviality, comical movements of dolls, the suffering of the mind of Petrushka, conflict with rival, the death of Petrushka.
There are 1947 revised version and 1911 original version for this “Petrushka”. 1947 version is revised in neoclassical era of Stravinsky. In this version, extra thing is scraped off, for example, instrumentation has been streamlined and it gives a dry impression in a simple style. 1911 version is composed in primitive era of Stravinsky. In this version, instrumentation is very large, and it has become a pieces over than the revised version in force and sense of color of the orchestra. Usually 1947 version is taken up, but in this concert, 1911 original version is taken up. Do not miss, because it is a very valuable opportunity!

This is youtube video for reference from “Diaghilev evening”.

“Romeo and Juliet” is drama adaptated to various forms such as movie, musical, ballet and opera, and very famous enough to become a psychological term. As a related music, there are pieces composed by Berlioz, Kabalevsky, Tchaikovsky, Bernstein, Delius, Gounod and Nino Rota. Pieces of Prokofiev in this concert, is one of them. It is the most famous as ballet music. The music is fulfilled with melody full of beautifully lyrical that is the characteristics of the Russian composer, and Prokofiev’s unique unconventionality and humor. Choosing little by little from the suite is not like Orchestra “Davai”. We will provide you a lot of songs as long as time permits extracting from full version.
Of course, we play the very famous piece used in “NODAME Cantabile”, TVCM of Softbank,

and arrangement by ELP.

These 2 pieces are composed in 20th century. “Romeo and Juliet” are those that were developed in the tradition of Russian ballet, on the other hand in the way of “Petrushka” has become a revolutionary thing that deviates from tradition. You may enjoy this comparison.
As a “Grand pas de deux” described above, “Balcony Scene” is especially beautiful. This movie is by Diana Vishneva and Igor Kolb.

This is “Balcony Scene” in the movie in which Nino Rota’s music is used.

In the “West Side Story”, which is Bernstein version of “Romeo and Juliet”, “Tonight” is very famous and used in “Balcony Scene” corresponding to “Balcony Scene”.

In “Romeo and Juliet”, whole pieces are excellent, then we want to play all the pieces. Unfortunately due to the time constraints, it was tearfully excerpt. But it will be a long period of time of performance, we would appreciate fun leisurely you.

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Playing pieces are as follows.

1. Introduction
3. The Street Awakens
4. Morning Dance
5. The Quarrel
6. The Fight
7. The Prince Gives His Order
11. Arrival of the Guests (Minuet)
12. Masks (Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio in Masks)
13. Dance of the Knights
16. Madrigal
17. Tybalt Recognizes Romeo
19. Balcony Scene
20. Romeo’s Variation
21. Love Dance
22. Folk Dance
28. Romeo at Friar Laurence’s
30. The People Continue to Make Merry
32. Tybalt Meets Mercutio
33. Tybalt and Mercutio Fight
34. Death of Mercutio
35. Romeo Decides to Avenge Mercutio’s Death
36. Finale of Act II
37. Introduction
38. Romeo and Juliet (Juliet’s bedroom)
39. Farewell before Parting
51. Juliet’s Funeral
52. Death of Juliet

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