[Free Invitation] Concert Information: Beethoven No.5 and The Rite of Spring (Stravinsky)

I will take part in the concert described below.
If you need free invitation ticket for this concert, please contact me throuh the mention for @Toranosuke007 on Twitter, I will give you it.

Le Square Orchestra 29th Concert
November 14, 2010
start @ 14:00
at Sumida Triphony Large Hall, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
(Kinshicho station JR Sobu line or Subrail Hanzomon line)
Berlioz/Le Carnaval Romain
Beethoven/Symphony No.5 “Fate”
Stravinsky/Ballet Music “The Rite of Spring”

Conductor: Tuyoshi TABEI

The Rite of Spring (Original French title is Le sacre du printemps; Russian title: Весна священная) is firstly performed in 1913 by Ballets Russes. This first performance is very famous because of the riots during the performance. The choreography of the ballet was created by Vaslav Nijinsky. It is very radical (eg. the intensely rhythmic score, primitive scnario, violent dance step) and so far departed from the tradittional classic ballet. At the start, the audience began to boo loudly. There were loud arguments in the audience between supporters and opponents of the work. And finally, had a punch-up.

Recently, I found the video of recreatino of the Nijinsky choreography of this ballet on Youtube. Enjoy this! If you become interested in the ballet music, please come our concert above.

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