Mahler No. 3 Symphony Concert

I will take part in the concert below.
If you are interested in the concert, please contact me throuh the mention for @Toranosuke007 on Twitter by Nov. 12, I will give you the free invitation Ticket.

Orchestra Ha’mon 24th Regular Concert

Mahler Symphony No.3 in d minor.
February 5, 2011
start at 14:00
at Musa Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan (JR Kawasaki Sation)
Conductor: Kyohei Tomihira
Soloist: Kasumi Shimizu
Chorus: OLF Festival Chorus, Tokyo Arakawa Boys and Girls Chorus

Surprisingly, the Ballet using this symphony as BGM are created by John Neumeier. Acutually it uses the whole movements, but I only found the video of the bellet of the last movement. I post it here.

It’s so beautiful. This movement had a subtitle, “What Love Tells Me” and this beautifulness is worth the subtitle. Mahale wrote in the letter to Anna von Mildenburg that I could almost call the movement “What God tells me.” And truly in the sense that God can only be understood as love. And so my work is a musical poem embracing all stages of development in a stepwise ascent. It begins with inanimate nature and ascends to the love of God. This movement emotively conclude this long symphony (100 mins.). I love this movement in this symphony, and this love is comarable to those against 4th movement of No. 9 symphony and 3rd movement of No. 6 symphony. I am always moved to tears when I listen to this movement.

Furthermore, the 1st movement of this symphony is famous, because it used in the japanese amination entitled “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” as shown below.

Orchestra Ha’mon also played Bruckner No. 8 symphony in Summer concert, and it is also effectively used in “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” as shown below.

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